Beauty Favourites

This has to be one of my favourite topics I’ve ever written about EVER! I LOVE makeup, skin care and body product to the point that it’s kind of an addiction. A seriously terrible addiction that has put a “dent” in my spending account. Notice the quotations around “dent”… well it might have been a bit more than a dent..oops. Pictured below are a ton of my favourite things that I’ve been using mostly in December and January that I’ve really loved.

Image1) Clarins HydraQuench Cream for normal to dry skin. I have serious dry skin to the point that I have peeling on my nose and forehead. I’m pretty sure those areas are supposed to be the oiliest parts of out faces but nope, my skin doesn’t care. It wants to be stubborn beyond belief. I’ve tried a lot of high end and drugstore moisturizers but this is definitely my favourite. It has a gel consistency and only a small amount is needed to hydrate my face. The best part is that it is absorbed very fast which is great to use right before applying makeup. Would recommend for dry skin only since it does leave skin shinny.

Retails for C$ 49.50

2) Real Techniques brow brush. No brow brush compares I swear. I love filling in my brows with a powder or a denser gel colour with this brush. It spreads evenly and is great for shaping the brows  especially in places you could use a little extra definition!

Retails for $18.00 US in starter set kit.

3) Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush in flush. It’s described at a “pinkish berry” online. I’d say it’s more of a baby pink really. I was a little disappointed with the lack of “berry” but I still wore it everyday so I guess that doesn’t mean much! Love this colour for everyday wear it goes with any makeup look since it’s such a natural pink. So pigmented and it really does last so long. I don’t know if 12 hours is accurate but I can honestly day I never worry about how I look when I wear the Tarte blushes. This is just one of the many I own, I’m seriously obsessed with them!

Retails for C$31.00

4) Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched. Wasn’t too keen on this when I first received it in my ipsy bag (referral link here sorry had to). I fell in love with this fast! I usually don’t love shimmery bronzers since I normally use the matte ones only to contour but I started using this to contour just to see how noticeable the shimmer would be but it just gives your cheeks a nice glow! It looks very natural and it’s not muddy looking at all on anyone with a pale complexion.

Retails for C$27.00

5) Buxom Full-on Lipstick in Amsterdam. This was an impulse buy but I ended up adoring it! This is one of my many “nudes”. My nudes aren’t everyone’s typical pale colours. I’m not much of a fan of the concealer-no-lips look so my nude’s I guess are considered pinks. It’s definitely a pink mauve colour but on my lips it even has a peachy shine to it. Very unique! Or I just completely confused you. Sorry, I suck at describing colours. It’s very beautiful though trust me! It also does that tingly plumping thing I like.

Retails for C$23.00

6) Lancome Juicy Tube in Simmer. This is a really nice nude rosy peach colour with very fine shimmer. It almost looks duochrome with the peach and pink! Love pairing this with the Buxom lipstick mentioned above. Not too sticky and not too think either. Wish it wasn’t in a tube though but that isn’t a big deal.

Retials for C$23.00

7) Buxom Sculpted lash mascara in blackest black. I just have the little baby mini size but I’m most definitely buying the full size after! It gives my lashes volume and length to the extreme!! The best part is that it doesn’t clump. That’s one of my pet peeves. I hate the spider leg look although I know to each his own. This mascara has a super weird “S” shaped brush I never thought I’d like!

Retails for C$24.00

8) Tarte be MATTEnificent amazonian clay palette. I am obsessed with this palette!! Matte eye shadows are my favourite to wear to create natural everyday looks so this palette was the most perfect and obvious choice for me to buy. Pink and purple toned shades are included along with some creams and browns. The two matte black and brown liner colours really pulled the palette together. Such a variety of looks can be created. The shadows are so pigmented on the eye and very smooth. The blush in “elevated” is a nice everyday dusty rose. I can see myself getting a lot of use from this palette!

Retails for C$43.00

9) Prada Candy Perfume. I got this for Christmas and I’ve been treasuring it since. It smells like licorice and candy and floral and I’m crying while I type this because I love it so much. Don’t judge me but I think I’ve fallen in love with a bottle of perfume. I love the lasting power of the perfume too. I can honestly say I smell it on myself all day long. Apparently, according to sephora, the notes are Caramel, Musk, Vanilla, Benzoin. What even is Benzoin?

Retails for C$96.00 (1.7 oz)

All prices are in Canadian dollars, sorry Americans. I used and the brands website for the prices. Hope you liked what you read and are intrigued to try something new! Let me know what to try next? I’m seriously desperate for more beauty products in my life!

Thanks for Reading!