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Brick Houses

Im missing those brick houses

that line up like soldiers

standing at attention, staring at the hazy sun

i try on my cocoon for size

it brings a deep un-comfort

that only wise men can know

and i smile a little louder

because thats something only i know


these houses looks the same but are

prominent to me

and i wear them on my back

like a fleece blanket

while other places

and other faces stare with shame

Ill only ever know the weight of them

when i stand at attention,

staring back

Haunted Minds

I think that i have something to say.

something that reverberates through my hallow mind.

a haunted mind full of empty thoughts that slip through the cracks of my fingertips

and heavy memories.

The type of memories that keep you suspended in moments

where life feels like a series of flipping images in a two dimensional world.

But these memories and life images are what i remember

and what i hold tucked away in the layers and folds in my heart, between my heart strings and valves, I pump memories through my blood stream.

it is my fix. my life source of comfort and belonging.

I travel far and away from home and those dear to me stay stagnant like statues they wait and freeze in moments that matter

and I can no longer be a part of

all I can do is watch and imagine while Im away and disconnected.

i am a disconnect between what and who i was my entire life and who i am becoming.

I am more of a statue than all of the statues

my suspension is hollow and cold but my heart full of warm remembrances

i live in a small world full of small people

taking comfort in the task of breathing fine morning air

and i take comfort in remembering