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Brick Houses

Im missing those brick houses

that line up like soldiers

standing at attention, staring at the hazy sun

i try on my cocoon for size

it brings a deep un-comfort

that only wise men can know

and i smile a little louder

because thats something only i know


these houses looks the same but are

prominent to me

and i wear them on my back

like a fleece blanket

while other places

and other faces stare with shame

Ill only ever know the weight of them

when i stand at attention,

staring back

Review: LANEIGE Water Bank Serum


I had the pleasure of trying out the Laneige Water Bank Serum, thanks to Influenster of course, and I’ve got to say I’ve loved it! This video is not in any way sponsored by Laneige or Influenster but I swear this shit is goooooood!!!! I have dry and dehydrated skin to the point that nothing in the world works, especially when it starts to get cooler outside. I have used numerous products and serums to counteract the dryness but the Laneige Water Bank Serum is definitely my favourite serum to date! The only thing I have to say I hate about it is that my autocorrect wants to change Laneige to lineage and I’ve never wanted to throw my laptop across the room more in my life!!

The serum comes in this beautiful glass bottle that is this gorgeous deep blue colour and its literally beautiful. As if I haven’t said those words enough. The only complaint I have is that the glass bottle doesn’t make it travel friendly since it could possibly shatter, although the glass is thick and sturdy feeling, I wouldn’t test it!

The serum comes out almost looking like a thin moisturizer and when you put it on your skin it leaves a nice cool layer over your face. It’s hard to explain but it definitely has a cooling feeling for some reason??? The serum sinks into the skin rather quickly and leaves your skin feeling very smooth and soft. I’ve never had a serum before that has changes the feeling and texture of my skin but this one definitely has improved it! I usually follow up with my moisturizer of choice, usually the Clarin’s HydraQuench, and thats that! I repeat these steps day and night and I’ve honestly never been happier with my skin care routine.

The serum is $46 Canada and you can now find this brand at Sephora!! This is exciting because now the brand is more accessible and easy to find. Laneige is a korean brand and I’m very happy that we can now get it in North America!

Have you guys tried anything from Laneige? How was it?

Thanks for reading!