Influenster VoxBox: imPress Manicure Review

hands     I was super excited that I received my first Influenster Canadian VoxBox for free in the mail recently! I was even more excited to see that I got some imPress press on nails. I’ve always wanted to try these nails because I’ve heard such great reviews from beauty youtubers and bloggers. These imPress nails are from the company Broadway Nails and let me tell you, they make some great fake nails. There are so many different designs and colours available for purchase that you literally cannot go wrong for any occasion.

The nails have lasted me about a week so far which is what the company claims is the minimum longevity. I’ve gone to work with these nails and I’ve cleaned my house in these nails and they are staying put! I normally do not like fake nails because of the permanent sensation that I’m wearing them on my nails never leaves. I hate that feeling because it restrict me from doing normal everyday tasks in my life without the thought that my fake nail will fall off at any moment. If I’m going to wear fake nails, I at least don’t want to feel like I am. I’m really pleased with these nails so far mostly due to the fact that it doesn’t even really look like they are fake nails when applied. Getting a pair of the imPress nails is cheaper than a manicure but it has the same effect. Impress nails are under 10 dollars in Canada and about 7 in America. I would highly recommend checking them out even if you aren’t a fake nail lover! I wasn’t but these nails completely converted me!

Thanks for reading!


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