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Yes, that is my record player, my pride, my joy etc. I love music, but who doesn’t? I’m just making this blog post to share some of my favourite music with all of you because music is the universal language and maybe after listening to some of my favourite albums, you’ll get me a bit more. I only posted under the letters of albums I actually thought were worthy to be a favourite and under letters I could acutally find an album name. I mean, is there even an album that starts with a Q?? It was hard narrowing it down, some of my favourite albums start with the same letter but whatever, I picked mostly only one. Strange how showing someone your favourite song is like bearing your soul isn’t it? Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea then…. too late to go back now.

A- Abbey Road or AM. This was a hard decision I mean have you listened to the new Arctic monkeys album?? At first I was like bleh and then I was like meh and now I’m like HJBSDFUIABEGLKNEAGVNSFOEA HOLY CRAP SO GOOD. And not including a classsic like Abbey Road is a slap in the face to music everywhere.

B- Bon Iver, Bon Iver. Need I say more?? I mean, it won a Grammy for a reason. Listen to “Holocene” first.

C- Chutes too narrow. The Shins just have some of the best lyrics in the world and the song “Pink Bullets” made it into my top ten favourite songs of all time after 1 listen.

D- Doolittle. Wikipedia describes the Pixies as “indie rock, psychedelia, noise rock, and surf rock” and I honestly couldn’t have said it better myself (if you’re into that sort of thing).

E- Everything in Transit. Jack’s Mannequin is very dear to my heart. It gives me nostalgia for when I was in high school and its just lovely. Also some of the greatest lyrics EVER. “Mixed Tape” was the song that started it all and the rest of the album is what made me stay forever.

F- Fleet Foxes. Self titled album as a first album is kinda a big deal. It’s releasing yourself into the world for the first time and saying “Hello world this is us!!” I think it does a perfect job with showing the world their folk sound without it being too old fashion.

G- Gossamer. I couldn’t NOT include this album. It’s been such a success this year and “Take a Walk” has been played in the background of one too many commercials. Truth be told, I’m really proud of them. I feel like a proud mom, been with them since Manners and when they were releasing EPs.

H- Humbug. Not my favourite Arctic Monkeys album but a great one to say the least.

I- Is this it. My all time favourite Strokes album probably. No, I’d say definitely. Do I have to pick a favourite? Ugh, fine I’d say “Someday”.

J- Junk of the heart. Love me some of the Kooks. They are seriously a great Rock band and they just happened to be British so it’s basically a win-win! Cute accents, what’s not to like? Oh and the music is good too…

K- Kid A. I’m going to be completely honest with you, I couldn’t choose a favourite Radiohead album. I just choose this because I had an empty letter K. Still a great album though am I right?

L- Led Zeppelin iii (special mention to Led Zeppelin iv). This was super hard for me since Led Zeppelin is one of my favourite bands of ALL TIME. I had to choose this album though because of the song “Tangerine” which started it all for me. Such a beautiful and feel good song. Brings back memories.

M- Merriweather post pavillion. Studio album courtesy of Animal Collective. “In the Flowers” literally reminds me of poetry and art in musical form and it makes me feel like I’m floating. It’s basically a drug trip for your ears.

N- Neon Bible. Arcade Fire makes me happy to be Canadian.

O- OK computer. Another Radiohead album because how does one just choose… one?

Help me out, I couldn’t pick any albums I loved very much for the next couple of letters. I couldn’t just pick any old album, you know what I mean?

P Don’t have a favourite yet but I have a good feeling Lorde’s studio album Pure Heroine will be taking the place.



S- Suck it and see (special mention: sigh no more and the suburbs). This is a hard one for me if you didn’t notice. A tie between Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons and Arcade Fire. I almost cried making this decision but Arctic Monkeys are one of my favourite bands and this is probably my favourite album they have ever made so.

T- Torches. An excellent debut album by Foster the people. It did really well and deservedly so. A favourite: Helena Beat.

U ????

V- Vampire Weekend. Self titled first album but honestly in my opinion, their best album. It also probably no secret, if you’ve read my previous Osheaga blog post, that I’m completely in love with the lead singer Ezra Koenig. I just think he is a brilliant song writer and I’m pretty sure they inspired all current Indie bands to step up their game a  little bit. I can’t fault a single song and I can’t pick a favourite but listen to “Walcott”.

W- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. My favourite Phoenix album. Most of my favourite albums I guess are the ones that made me fall in love with a band and this is definitely that album.

I’m not even going to attempt to find albums for the last few letters.




Thanks for reading! Recommend me some music if you’d like, I’m open to anything.


My Coffee Shop Experience: Expectations vs. Reality

ImageI’m here to ruin your romantic notion of coffee shops in one blog post. Wow, that sounded a lot more condescending than I planned it to be. But seriously, if there is one thing I can talk to you about, it’s coffee shops. Being a University student you tend to spend a lot of time around caffeine and you tend to spend a lot of time finding places to do work or study that isn’t anywhere near home. Home is where there is internet and actual fun which you can’t be a part of since you’re a University student and you have to learn and be an adult. My advice is don’t grow up. There are so many glamorous perceptions given to coffee shops in literature, movies etc. I’m here to tell you like it really is, no matter how depressing it may be, stay seated you are in for a bumpy ride.

Expectation #1: A quiet coffee shop where I can do some reading and get most of my work done.

Reality: How about instead you get a loud cacophony of coffee machines brewing and boiling, pre-teens “instagraming” coffee cups and shrieking with their friends about the new one direction song and the annoying clicking of computer keys from the other 15 students there who thought this was a good idea. Oh no and now they are blaring the new miley cyrus song…GET ME OUT OF HERE.

Expectation #2: Maybe I’ll bump into a cute boy/girl in line for coffee, he/she will buy me a cup and then we can fall in love and blah blah blah.

Reality: Life is not a Nicholas Sparks novel, no matter how much I want it to be, things like this just don’t happen (Side note: if they have happened to you please teach me your ways!!). The boys/girls may be cute at the coffee shop (which they usually are) but chances are they are there to study too. Just in case they aren’t though, continue staring and willing him/her mentally to walk over and talk to you. It hasn’t really worked yet has it? Darn.

Expectation #3: Delicious coffee and fresh snacks and treats.

Reality: Did you say bitter black coffee and stale bran cookies?

Expectation #4: Well, at least it’s less expensive than Starbucks right?

Reality: That will be $ 2497296492692 dollars and 50 cents please for this EXTRA SMALL coffee. Oh by the way, we also charge separately for the cream and sugar did I forget to tell you that?

Expectation #5: A nice place to have a study group with friends.

Reality: Ha. Try finding an empty table first. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure the good tables are ALWAYS occupied. Seriously I think people camp out outside to get the best tables the night before.

All in all, coffee shops- maybe not the best place to study? Although I do love coffee and the atmosphere of little cafes, don’t expect too much from them. Get your coffee and get out before it’s too late!!! Joking of course, the sad thing is I still walk in to coffee shops expecting too much. I hate you reality.

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment of wonderful coffee flavours you’ve tried I’m itching to start expanding my horizons.


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