My Osheaga 2013 Experience

Earlier this month I attended Osheaga music festival in Montreal for about 3 days and let me tell you this, it was the highlight of my summer. It was a crazy couple of days paired with some crazy music and some crazy people. All together an amazing experience. Some favourites were Phoenix, Jimmy eat world, Mumford and Sons, the Lumineers, Alt- J, Two Door Cinema Club, Tegan and Sara and more. Got to say that Vampire Weekend was the highlight of the festival for me. It MAY have to do with the fact that I’m in love with the band members themselves especially Ezra Koenig. It was an emotional surreal moment. It may also have to do with the fact that I’ve been a fan for years now and it was a dream come true for my inner teenage fangirl. There was no denying my intense stares in Ezra’s direction. Oops. Another highlight had to be seeing and hearing the Lumineers perform “Slow it down”, my favourite song on the album and one of my favourite songs in general, live a couple meters away from me. Another surreal moment.

Let’s talk about some of my not so favourite moments shall we. Number one worst thing about a music festival: tall people. I know, I know, they can’t help that they are tall but standing in front of short people should be illegal. I’m not so short myself, I’m 5’8, but when a giant steps in front of you while you’re making eyes at Ezra Koenig, you get mad. Trust me. It should be a crime to be over 5 foot and 10 inches for the sake of short concert goers around the world. I feel you. But they come and go and that’s fine. I don’t hold it against them. Also if you don’t want muddy blow up beach balls to smack you upside the head every ten seconds, don’t go to Osheaga. You have been warned. They were annoying but it was the price you had to pay to be part of that huge crowd swaying to some of the best music in the world. I will say one thing though, standing next to tall people has it’s perks. They swat those beach balls away before they are even close to the atmosphere near your head. Thank you kind tall people, you saved me from some serious annoying head bumps. Can we talk about the prices of beverages or food at the festival for a moment. Actually can we not? Just bring your own food and drinks. It’s not worth it. I mean it’s 4 dollars for a water bottle. F O U R D O L L A R S?????? They have refill stations though so you just bring your own bottle and refill all day long (a perk).

Also another thing I’ve realized is that if you’re going to a festival, it WILL rain. It’s become a universal truth. Any outdoor music festival/concert= rain. It’s a mathematical fact. Look it up. Don’t, and I repeat, DO NOT be that asshole with the umbrella. You don’t want to obscure the view of a handful of people behind you. Get a poncho, you won’t be the only one. Yes, they are ugly. Yes, they are annoying to carry around. But unless you want to get soaked like I did, invest in a nice poncho (from the dollarstore of course, not the ten dollar ponchos they sell at the festival). The crowds may look huge but trust me when I tell you there isn’t a terrible view, of the main stages anyways, from any point in the festival. The huge screens that showed the acts were helpful especially when your view was obscured. If you need to see the acts to fully enjoy them like myself then you probably had the pleasure of waiting in the crowd and pushing your way to the front for 5 hours (this was for you vampire weekend, that’s some serious dedication if I do say so myself). But it was all worth it in the end, even though I didn’t eat for 3 days since I practically lived in the crowds in front of the main stages. Who needs food when you have music to feed you? The acts were all incredible. They put their blood sweat and tears in the performances. EMPHASIS ON THE SWEAT.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to go to a music festival, no matter where you live or what kind of music it is, it’s just the kind of thing you need to experience at least once in your life. The vibe from the people and the music is incredible. The Lumineers said that it was one of the biggest crowds they have played and I was there?? Crazy. Silversun Pickups were smiling so hard that they had to address the crowd that they were just really happy and not going crazy. Macklemore made EVERYONE jump. Even me???? You’re all there for one thing: music. You all share at least one thing in common: music. For those 3 days you all live and breathe these bands. For those 3 days you all feel the music in your bones. For those 3 days you are all one, as dumb as that sounds. You won’t believe me until you feel it.

I have some picture of the festival on Instagram if anyone is interested (@tamlat) or there’s a link somewhere on my blog page. There are some great pictures on the osheaga website as well, including gigantic gigaphotos of practically everyone near the main stages. It’s like the ultimate intense game of where’s waldo to find yourself but instead of looking for a red striped sweater and glasses, I’m looking for the bright red hair. It comes in handy when you stand out like a sore thumb in the crowd. All the pictures I’ve included are from the website.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.

– Tamara



*images are not my own


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